Livia Palma
Professional Photographer | Vegan Blogger | Food Designer

I’ve been photographing for as long as I can remember! Literally: I was four when my dad gifted me with my first camera – a very cool Polaroid. I liked photographing everything I saw in my own way. My way of seeing the world! I inevitably followed my father’s passion and graduated in Cinema later, working in production companies, advertising agencies and as a freelancer as well.

I grew up in a half brazilian half italian household. Italian family cliché right here: my family owns a pizzaria! I spent my childhood in it ❤ And since I was a child I LOVED FOOD. Making and eating! Thanks to my nonnas – I was lucky enough to have more than one in this life – I know the real value of food.

I guess I owe a lot to my family and upbringing to have this loving relationship to both food and photography. Veganism came later and worked perfectly to bond these two passions together! First came the blog with recipes, then instagram with photos, and finally I got the guts to work combining the two of them! 🍴📷 Better late than never, right? I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about me on my social media below – my deliciously vegan insta and my personal insta – and also can check my vegan blog too 🙂